Sunbeam Classes

Sunbeam Beginner

The Sunbeam Beginner class is designed for children who are severely impacted from mobile, developmental and other forms of delays. We focus on gross motor and developmental concepts for recreational purposes. Children are coached in basic gross motor skills with socialization, listening, and other function skills in mind. This class will be adapted based on the abilities of the children enrolled.

We recommend receiving a doctor’s clearance if your child has physical limitations or disabilities.

Ages 4-11 years (depends on developmental age)

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Sunbeam Intermediate

The SunBeam Intermediate class will focus on the introduction concepts to gymnastics. It is run similar to a beginning gymnastics class with modifications to assist children with extra needs, such as small class sizes and modified directions that children can understand. In addition, this class will limit directions given and will focus on 1-2 step directions. This class is utilized to assist children with achieving the requirements to move into advanced classes.

Ages 4-7 years

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Sunbeam Ninja

The Sunbeam Ninja class is an introduction to our basic ninja class. This class is a high-impact class that focuses on the vestibular sense that works on balance, movement, and strength. In addition, this class will work on body awareness and heavy work to give these children the input they need. This is a great class for sensory seekers who are looking for sensory input by crashing into or jumping off of things in a safe environment. This class will have 2 staff members to help with the safety of the students and will follow 2-3 step directions.

Ages 7-12 years

$96.00 per month

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