Gymnastics Classes

Rec Level 1

This 50 minute class is for boys and girls 5 years and older. Each athlete will begin to learn the basic gymnastics skills such as body positions, form, balance, confidence in movement, and safety while in the gym. We will focus on purposeful control of body movements, correct form, and proper stretching. As well as learn beginner skills like somersaults, handstands, cartwheels, glide swings and confidence on the beam.

$110.00 per month

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Rec Level 2

This 50 minute class for boys and girls is designed to build on the basic skills learned in Level 1. Building a solid foundation of proper form and confidence in their ability to try new things is key to any athlete’s success. We will strengthen each athlete’s ability to perform basic skills while introducing new ones such as bridges, splits, pullovers, and varying walks and hops on high beam.

$110.00 per month

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Rec Level 3

During these 60 minutes your athlete will strengthen, and perfect skills learned in their Level 1 and 2 classes. Repetition is the key to clean strong skills. Athletes at this level grow by gaining an understanding of the basics of tumbling. Learning to round-off, block and rebound. At this level your athlete will also be introduced to proper footing, and basic skills on vault. It is at this level that your athlete will also begin to participate in some strength training.

$135.00 per month

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Rec Level 4

This 75 min class is a milestone for your gymnast! Getting here took a lot of focus and hard work! Congratulations! This class will introduce your athlete to new and exciting skills such as Back Walkovers, Back Hip-circles, and a better working knowledge of body positions and how they apply to their gymnastics. Along with new skills your athlete will gain muscle strength and endurance; both of which are needed to join our R5 class.

$145.00 per month

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Rec Level 5

This class is considered our pre-team, so during this time you will start to see your athlete gain a repertoire of new skills throughout the gym. It is at this level that your gymnast will have gained a solid foundation that we can really put to good use. It is our goal that each athlete will be able to work harder, longer and with more purpose so that they will have a rewarding experience when they move up to our competitive team.

Junior $165.00 per month
Senior $215.00 per month

Meets 2x per week
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