Trampoline Classes

Beginner Trampoline

This is a 50 minute class for athletes 5 years and older. During this time, your athlete will be introduced to beginning trampoline skills, such as form, body positions, how to control and stop a bounce, and safety while using the equipment. It will also begin to introduce beginning tumbling skills such as backward rolls, handstands and cartwheels. This class is designed for those who want to pursue competing in the USA Gymnastics Tumbling and Trampoline program, as well as for those who want to learn to safely perform tricks and skills in a recreational setting.

$110.00 per month

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Intermediate Trampoline

This 2-hour class will build upon the basics of trampoline and tumbling learned in the beginning class. Athletes will be further introduced to proper technique for mounting and dismounting for the Double Mini Trampoline, body control and air awareness while utilizing the Euro Trampoline, the building blocks for developing flips, and continuing to develop basic tumbling skills. Athletes will also increase strength training such as developing a strong core to be able to stabilize their new and developing skills.

$150.00 per month

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Advanced Trampoline

This class is a milestone for your trampolinist! Getting here took a lot of focus and hard work! Congratulations! This class is considered our pre-team, so during this time you will start to see your athlete gain a repertoire of new skills throughout the gym. It is at this level that your trampolinist will have gained a solid foundation that we can really put to good use. In this class, athletes will begin to learn the exciting high-flying skills such as flips and twists! It is our goal that each athlete will be able to work harder, longer and with more purpose so that they will have a rewarding experience when they move up to our competitive team.

$150.00 per month for 1 day per week
$215.00 per month for 2 days per week

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