Toddler / Pre-K Classes

Wiggle Worms

A MyAdult&Me class for ages 18 months to 3 years. This 45-minute class will give your little one a fun and engaging opportunity to grow those gross motor skills that are so important in our everyday lives. A parent or trusted adult will assist their child with warm-up activities, stretching, climbing, rolling, jumping and swinging. Our main goals for this class are to introduce children to an organized class setting, improve coordination, balance, weight shifting and help each child become more confident in their physical abilities.

$85.00 per month

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Sea Turtles

This 45-minute class is designed for children ages 3-5 years old. We will strive to teach your child how to participate in a class setting, respectfully interact with other children, and follow instructions all while being introduced to the wonderful world of gymnastics. Your child will be taught very basics skills such as stretching, body control, body positions, balance, weight shifting, and safety while in the gym.

$85.00 per month

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The Sunbeam Beginner class is designed for children who are severely impacted from mobile, developmental and other forms of delays. We focus on gross motor and developmental concepts for recreational purposes. Children are coached in basic gross motor skills with socialization, listening, and other function skills in mind. This class will be adapted based on the abilities of the children enrolled.

We recommend receiving a doctor’s clearance if your child has physical limitations or disabilities.

Ages 4-11 years (depends on developmental age)

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